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Carbide Gages

ENDURANCE CARBIDE’   family of tungsten carbide cylindrical gages when saving Time & Money!! Is important to you.

Steel gages might do the trick, but tungsten carbide has proven to last up to 40 times as long as comparable steel wear parts. If you’re seeking industrial components crafted for long-term performance and maximum value, look no further than Endurance Carbide’s rugged, reliable carbide gages.

What We Offer

To address the diverse needs of our clients, we’re proud to provide a broad selection of industrial-strength tungsten carbide gages, including:

  • Reversible Plug Gages: Available in single- and double-ended configurations, these gages offer the convenience of reversibility when one side becomes worn. Plus, the ends are color-coded – green indicates “Go” members, while red indicates “No Go” members – for simple use. Specific requests, including depth steps and extra-length members, can be accommodated for an additional cost.
  • Progressive Gages: Ideal for checking a short hole, these complete internal gages feature both “Go” and “No Go” sections on a single member.
  • Taperlock Gages: Taperlock gages feature long “Go” and short “No Go” sections, and they’re designed for use with larger-diameter gaging members. Other requests, including extra-length members, are available at an added cost.
  • Master Setting Discs: These components are used for setting comparators, snap gages and other precision gages. The discs’ ends feature insulated grips to prevent heat distortion.
  • Inserted/Solid Carbide Ring Gages: Ring gages are external components used for size control. They can be crafted with steel bodies and carbide inserts or entirely from solid carbide based on your needs.

Gage Reconditioning Services

In addition to our new tungsten carbide gages, Endurance Carbide also offers reconditioning services for our gages or competing tungsten carbide products. Simply submit your worn gages with instructions for the size, direction and tolerance class of your desired gages, and we’ll provide you with a price once we’ve evaluated the gages’ salvageability.

For Superior Strength, Choose Endurance Carbide

Endurance Carbide has crafted high-strength tungsten carbide wear parts at our Eastern Michigan headquarters for more than 50 years, and each gage we produce is manufactured to A.G.D. standards in the controlled environment of our metrology lab. Whether you’re seeking brand-new products or restoration services for worn components, contact us today to enlist the industrial expertise your business deserves.

All gages are manufactured to A.G.D. standards in the controlled environment of our metrology lab.


SIZE RATING Class XX Class X Class Y Class Z
Above To & Incl.
.029 .825 .00002 .00004 .00007 .00010
.825 1.510 .00003 .00006 .00009 .00012
1.510 2.510 .00004 .00008 .00012 .00016

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