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Carbide Gages

ENDURANCE CARBIDE’   family of tungsten carbide cylindrical gages when saving Time & Money!! Is important to you.

ENDURANCE CARBIDE gages last “40 TIMES” longer than steel.

Tungsten Carbide Reversible Plug Gages Single or double ended for size control of holes and other applications. The reversible carbide plug gage has the advantage that it can be reversed and used at the opposite end when one end becomes worn and the member goes out of tolerance. Color coded handles for easy identification. Green for “Go” members, and Red for “No Go” members. Depth steps, and extra length members also available upon request at an additional cost.

Tungsten Carbide Progressive Gages –Complete internal gage with GO & NO GO sections combined on a single member. This type of gage is suitable for checking a short hole.

Tungsten Carbide Taperlock Gage – Designed for larger diameter gaging members. Size can be applied similar to reversible plug gages. The Go and No Go have different lengths of gaging surface. The No Go being shorter. Depth steps, and extra length members available upon request at an additional cost.

Tungsten Carbide Master Setting Disks – Master setting disks are used for setting various types of comparators, snap gages and other types of precision gages. Insulated grips on the end of the master setting disks prevent heat distortion.

Tungsten Carbide Inserted Rings/Solid Carbide Ring Gages – An external gage of cylindrical form used for the size control of external diameters. Gages can be supplied with carbide inserted into a steel body or solid carbide depending upon your application.

Gage Reconditioning Services – We will recondition Endurance Carbide or competitive Tungsten Carbide ring gages to practical larger diameters. Prices for salvaging will be submitted on receipt of worn gages after inspection for salvage possibilities. In ordering, please state size, direction and tolerance class required for respective gages.

All gages are manufactured to A.G.D. standards in the controlled environment of our metrology lab.


SIZE RATINGClass XXClass XClass YClass Z
AboveTo & Incl.

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