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Carbide Renewable Bushings in Saginaw, MI

BushingsFor over 50 years, Endurance Carbide has been manufacturing precision tungsten carbide wear parts for industrial applications. Since our founding, all of our carbide punches, gages, dies, bushings, form inserts and form punches have been 100% made in the U.S.A. at our manufacturing facility in Saginaw, Michigan. If you’re in need of renewable bushings, turn to Endurance Carbide for reliable tungsten carbide bushings.

Types of Renewable Bushings

Used in machining applications, bushings help guide, position and support cutting tools, like drill bits. Among the styles of bushings employed by the manufacturing industry today, renewable bushings are designed for use in large production runs, as they offer quick and easy replacement. The two types of renewable bushings are:

  • Slip Renewable Bushings – These replaceable bushings are used in applications where you need to perform multiple operations with the same tooling.
  • Fixed Renewable Bushings – Featuring “F” or “XF” locks, fixed renewable carbide bushings are used in applications where several bushings will be replaced during the life of the jig. They can be replaced without removing the fixture from the machine.

Why Choose Carbide Renewable Bushings?

When it comes to manufacturing renewable bushings, the two main types of materials used are steel and carbide. While steel offers a lower upfront cost, it’s much less durable than tungsten carbide, which is the strongest natural metal in existence. Because of its resistance to wear and tear, carbide is an ideal choice for renewable bushings. In general, carbide bushings have a much longer life, helping to cut down on production costs. They’re also hard-wearing, which helps minimize losses in productivity due to downtime.

Order Carbide Renewable Bushings

Get the carbide renewable bushings your factory needs to meet its goals from Endurance Carbide. Our production facility is located at 4475 Marlea Dr in Saginaw, MI. Contact us today at 989-777-7950 or via online form to learn more about our tungsten carbide wear parts and to place an order. We’ll work with you to design and manufacture renewable carbide bushings suited to your machinery.