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When To Convert To Carbide Tooling

Carbide ring and plug gages can outlast steel by up to 40 times in checking operations.
Carbide bushings used with carbide drills or reamers can increase the cutting tool life. Due to the fact that both are carbide, the coefficients of thermal expansion are the same. By expanding and contracting at the same rate, less friction is encountered.
Carbide’s ability to maintain better cutting edge during a punching operation can mean more accurate parts for a longer period of time.
Carbide’s wear ability requires fewer tool changes which means less down time during a production run, saving the user time and money.
Carbide can increase tool life in situations where abrasion is prevalent. materials that are normally abrasive during machining or stamping.


Using Endurance Carbide tooling, you’ll find: All of your carbide specialty tools can be purchased from a single source to reduce purchasing administration. Blanket quotes/orders to ensure difficult customer delivery requirements. Limited resource availability on specialty items will reduce competition, therfore increasing the longevity of the sale.
By using carbide tooling from Endurance Carbide, you can expect increased tool life, less down time and reduced tool change costs.
Endurance Carbide is always happy to provide immediate response to emergency situations.
We are always striving for reduced delivery time. You can expect 4-5 weeks on ANSI standard bushings.
Endurance Carbide has in territory sales and service people throughout the United States, backed by knowledgeable factory support.