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Benefits of Using Carbide Grinding Quills

Industrial LatheHigh-volume grinding operations demand a rigid, precise grinding quill. At Endurance Carbide, we manufacture carbide tungsten grinding quills for computer numerical control (CNC) grinding machines that are built to withstand the rigors of your grinding application. Threaded into the spindle of the grinding wheel, grinding quills hold the grinding wheel in place, playing a critical role in the function of the grinder as a whole.

Grinding quills are typically made with two primary materials: steel and carbide. Learn why carbide grinding quills are a step above the rest.

Carbide grinding quills last longer.

Tungsten carbide is the strongest metal in existence. It’s no wonder, then, why tungsten carbide grinding quills offer long-lasting use – especially when compared to grinding quills made from steel. Because of the long lifespan of carbide quills, you can mount the grinding wheel time and again. They’re resistant to wear, which cuts down considerably on the need for replacement.

Carbide grinding quills are cost-effective.

Since carbide grinding quills last longer than their steel counterparts, they help cut down on maintenance costs. With less time spent on replacing grinding quills in your grinder, you’ll notice an increase in productivity. So while carbide grinding quills cost more up front, they lead to cost savings down the road thanks to better productivity.

Carbide grinding quills offer superior performance.  

When compared to steel grinding quills, carbide grinding quills are the quills of choice for precision-grinding applications. Because carbide is more rigid, grinding quills made from this material are harder and more unyielding than those crafted from steel. What does that mean for your grinding operation? Less deflection – giving you more control over the movement of the wheel.

Order Carbide Grinding Quills Today

If you need tungsten carbide grinding quills for your CNC machinery, reach out to Endurance Carbide. Our Michigan-made wear parts are designed to withstand heavy industrial use, making them the ideal choice for your machining application. We’ll also work with you to manufacture the right carbide grinding quill based on the blueprints you provide us.