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Carbide Bushings

Lower Your Production Costs!!

No one likes an unexpected downtime, especially when it’s a part that unexpectedly breaks. When a part does break, you have a choice, replace it with a part that you know will fail in a short time, or replace it with a more expensive part that will last longer. When it comes to bushings, there are 2 choices: steel or tungsten carbide. While steel has a lower cost, a tungsten carbide bushing lasts longer, which prevents a loss of manufacture time.

Endurance Carbide has been producing quality tungsten carbide parts since 1961 and we have a variety of carbide bushings for every manufacturing need. Tungsten lasts longer than steel, so you save money by reduced downtime and also reduced replacement costs. Carbide comes in many grades and many of our parts are customizable.

Endurance Carbide bushing types:

Tungsten Carbide Press Fit Bushing: These bushings can be made with or without heads. The bushing is not replaced during the life of the jig.

Tungsten Carbide Fixed Renewable Bushings: Carbide bushings with “F” or “XF” locks. For use where several bushings will be replaced during the life of the jig. They can be replaced without removing the fixture from the machine.

Tungsten Carbide Direct Coolant Bushings: Endurance Carbide produces several carbide bushings of all types, grades, and sized to specifications. Bushings will improve cooling and chip flushing during the drilling process and improve the life of the drill.

Tungsten Carbide Blueprint Special Bushings: Tungsten carbide blueprint special bushings for a wide variety of applications.

Tungsten Carbide Gun Drill Insert Bushings: Manufactured to your specific ID sizes and proper tungsten carbide grade to meet your requirements. The ID, OD, and face of the GDI tungsten carbide bushing are ground concentric and square within 0.0002 T.I.R.

For more information call Endurance Carbide at 989-777-7950 or fill out a contact form for more details on how tungsten carbide bushings can be used in your manufacturing setting. We can create parts to your specifications.

Tungsten Carbide Jig Bushings, Tungsten Carbide Chip Breaker Bushing


 I.D. Range (Std. Drill Size)
 Standard I.D. Tolerance (add to nominal I.D.)
 #60 to 1/4″  +.0001 to +.0004
 Over 1/4″ to 3/4″  +.0001 to +.0005
 Over 3/4″ to 1-1/2″  +.0002 to +.0006
 Over 1-1/2″ to 2-3/4″  +.0003 to +.0007


 I.D. Range (Std. Drill Size) I.D. Tolerance (add to nominal I.D.)
 Up to 1/4″  +.0005 to +.0008
 Over 1/4″ to 1″  +.0006 to +.0010
 Over 1″  +.0008 to +.0012

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