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High-Quality Carbide Grinding Quills

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Headquartered in Saginaw, Michigan, Endurance Carbide specializes in American-made advanced carbide grinding quills and other wear parts. Send us your blueprints, and we’ll get to work creating quills that meet industry standards and exceed all your performance expectations. Whether you’re a longtime proponent of tungsten carbide or are switching from steel for the first time, we invite you to contact Endurance Carbide now to get started.

Our Carbide Grinding Quills

Grinding quills play a very important role in the machining process. It’s their job to move the grinding wheel into the part, acting as an extension of the spindle. When made properly from the right materials, grinding quills can withstand these demands and endure long-lasting use.

That’s why at Endurance Carbide, our grinding quills are created from high-quality tungsten carbide. Out of all the different materials that can be used to make quills – including steel – tungsten carbide remains the top choice for its unmatched strength and rigidity. Taking excellence in design a step further, we integrate precision-ground threads into each quill to provide squareness and concentricity once mounted.

Why Choose Endurance Carbide?

With carbide grinding quills from Endurance Carbide, you can save significant time and money. Because of their reliable strength, they won’t need to be replaced as often as their steel counterparts. That also means less time spent servicing your equipment and less downtime. Plus, they give your machinists better control over the quill’s movements without having to worry about breakage. After you submit your blueprints, we’ll discuss everything with you to make sure we’re on the same page and can deliver the results you’re looking for within the timeframe you need.

Ready to Place Your Order?

Endurance Carbide designs and manufactures tungsten carbide grinding quills right here in Saginaw, MI. Every time you place an order, you can feel confident you’re getting American-made quality and fast delivery times. And if you’re interested in ordering other carbide wear parts, such as bushings, gages, form punches, dies and more, Endurance Carbide has you covered. Contact us today by calling 989-777-7950 or by submitting our online form. Our facility is located at 4475 Marlea Dr in Saginaw, MI 48601.