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Carbide Wear Parts in Saginaw, MI

BushingsSince 1961, Endurance Carbide has been manufacturing robust carbide wear parts for a variety of machining applications. We started our business in the U.S.A., and that’s where our company remains today. We’re proud to manufacture all of our precision industrial carbide wear parts right here in Saginaw, Michigan at our production facility on Marlea Dr. If you’re in need of replacement industrial parts for your machining operation, turn to the experience and expertise of Endurance Carbide.

The Parts We Manufacture

Increase your productivity and minimize machine downtime when you choose carbide wear parts from Endurance Carbide. No matter which type of part you need, we’ll work with you and your blueprint to meet your machining requirements. The types of parts we manufacture at our Saginaw facility include:

If the part you require is not standard, we’ll customize our product to your exact specifications. Call us today at 989-777-7950 to learn more about our process.

Why Carbide?

When it comes to manufacturing industrial wear parts, you have two choices: steel or tungsten carbide. However, carbide is deemed the premium choice, and here’s why.

Today, the strongest natural metal on the face of the planet is tungsten carbide. That means it’s exceptionally durable and rigid. In industrial machining applications, this extra strength proves invaluable for a couple of reasons. For one, carbide wear parts resist corrosion, meaning they last longer than steel parts when faced with the rigors of your operation. Because they’re less susceptible to wear, you won’t need to change out tungsten carbide parts as often. As a result, they promote machine uptime and help cut down on production costs. They also improve productivity, especially when it comes to long production runs.

Contact Endurance Carbide

Order the tungsten carbide wear parts your machining operation needs today. Contact Endurance Carbide to learn more about our precision industrial carbide wear parts line or to discuss your product parameters.