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About Endurance Carbide

Much like many industries, a proclivity for change struck U.S. manufacturing over the years. Since our foundation in 1961, Endurance Carbide faced many of those changes and adapted along the way. Mark Porath, General Manager for our company, refers too many of those changes as eye-openers. All the changes are culminating into making Endurance Carbide more robust, more effective, and better than ever.

In fact, the company was recently named to the 2015 “Michigan 50 Companies to Watch” list from Michigan Celebrates Small Business (MCSB). In an effort to honor and recognize Michigan’s small businesses, MCSB uses resources of collaborative partners and supporters to tell stories of success and highlight the spirit of small business. For the “Michigan 50 Companies to Watch” award, each year MCSB positions the spotlight on 50 second-stage Michigan companies based on the impact they make in their markets and communities. Performance, innovation, philanthropy, and empowered employees are all measures of the award.

Endurance Carbide’s inclusion in the list shows the hard work and dedication as our employees strive to produce and remain competitive globally. For us to remain prominent in such a diverse global economy, our growth and mentality changed throughout the years. Much like carbide, we are tooling our company to last for a longer period of time while remaining at a high level of productivity. We welcome updated technology to construct our carbides. Porath notes when he started at Endurance Carbide in 1976, every individual manually operated every machine – that is no longer the case.

Our 25 employees are team-oriented throughout every arena in our company, from manufacturing to customer service. Our team shares and collaborates to generate solutions and to become more efficient in every step of our process – this is why the recognition on the “Michigan 50 Companies to Watch” list is important for us.

We’re proud of our team just as much as we’re proud of our products. Carbide Round and Form Punches, Dies, Gages, Bushings and Blueprint Specials make up our precision industrial carbide wear parts line. In the battle of carbide versus steel, carbide increases tool life, reducing machine downtime for tool changes, and more. We pair these stellar grades of carbide for your application with accommodating customer service and quick-as-possible delivery. Endurance Carbide doesn’t only produce a high quality product, but a high quality team.

Endurance Carbide is a small business with large goals and widespread vision. Obtaining the recognition from MCSB is a signal we’re on the right path as we innovate and produce while effectively serving our customers.