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Industrial Tungsten Carbide Wear Parts Made In Michigan

After more than five decades in the business, Endurance Carbide is proud to continue its tradition of offering durable tungsten carbide wear parts that stand up to heavy industrial use. And as an award-winning small business based in Saginaw, Michigan, we’re pleased to provide you with carbide bushings, dies, gages, punches and other reliable parts that are 100% made in the USA to your specifications.

The Endurance Carbide Advantage

Aside from being made in America, you may be wondering – why should you choose to equip your facility with Endurance Carbide’s tungsten carbide wear parts? The answer is simple: carbide is a stronger, longer-lasting material than the steel traditionally used to create punches and similar parts. Though carbide parts tend to cost more up front, this is typically the lone disadvantage. Thanks to the longer life of these parts, you won’t be required to perform maintenance or repair procedures nearly as often, allowing you to cut costs considerably in the long run while drastically reducing machine downtime.

We’ll Meet Your Needs

Seeking to replace your steel dies or punches with similar products made of longer-lasting tungsten carbide? Endurance Carbide is ready to deliver the solution you need. Aside from carefully following industry standards while crafting our products in our Saginaw, MI facility, we scrutinize blueprint specifications to make certain that each and every piece delivers the high level of performance that’s expected.  Once your machinery is equipped with Endurance Carbide products, you’ll be able to use them in place of steel parts without a hassle.

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If you’re searching for durable punches, gages, dies, Cylindrical Punches, Form Punches, Gages, Dies, Bushings, Grinding Quills, and Form Inserts that will stand the test of time, choose Endurance Carbide’s Michigan-made tungsten carbide wear parts. Whether you’d like to place an order or learn more about what we can offer your company, feel free to contact us online or by phone at (989) 777-7950.

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