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Form Punches in Saginaw, MI

For more than 50 years, Endurance Carbide has been manufacturing high-quality industrial wear parts out of our production facility in Saginaw, Michigan. All of the carbide punches we produce are proudly made in the USA, including our form punches. Whether you need oblong, flat or ejector-style punches, we’ve got you covered. Call the team at Endurance Carbide today at 989-777-7950, and discover how we can put our expertise to work for your machining application.

Types of Form Punches

At Endurance Carbide in Saginaw, MI, we have decades of experience in the carbide tooling industry. Using both computer numerical control (CNC) and manual machines, we’re able to manufacture a wide array of precision industrial carbide wear parts that meet the exact requirements of the companies we work with. When it comes to our form punches, we’re able to produce:

Industrial Milling

  • Oblong Punches
  • Square Punches
  • Flat Punches
  • Offset Punches
  • Hex Punches
  • Ejector-Style Punches

In addition to our standard form punches, we also offer customizable blueprint options based on your unique specifications, and we can create punch sizes down to a 0.010-point diameter.

Carbide vs. Steel

As the strongest unalloyed metal in existence, tungsten carbide offers many advantages over steel. When it comes to form punches, carbide helps minimize downtime and reduce production costs. Here’s how.

Tungsten carbide offers optimal strength and rigidity and resists corrosion. That makes this hard-wearing metal ideal for machining operations with long production runs. With carbide form punches, you’ll experience less downtime due to machine maintenance, which helps improve productivity.

Because you won’t have to replace tungsten carbide form punches as often as steel punches, you’ll also benefit from lower production costs. Even though carbide costs more upfront, you’ll save over time. Plus, tungsten carbide helps you achieve a better surface finish quality.

Place an Order for Tungsten Carbide Products

At Endurance Carbide, we’re committed to finding the right tooling solution for your machining application. Send us an RFQ today to get started.

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