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The Benefits of Carbide Form Punches

Carbide-Form-Punch-GroupTungsten carbide is formed from a complex series of chemical reactions that turn tungsten ore into an extremely hard material that is used in many different machining applications. Because of this material’s strength, it is often a great alternative to steel. At Endurance Carbide, we use carbide to craft all our wear parts, including form punches, ensuring the highest levels of durability and performance.

Learn more about carbide form punch benefits, then call Endurance Carbide at 989-777-7950 to speak with a member of our team about our manufacturing capabilities and your punch requirements.

Great for Long Production Runs

Using steel punches for long production runs guarantees numerous replacements. Because our carbide form punches are made from tungsten carbide, they offer a level of durability and rigidity steel punches can’t match, as well as powerful corrosion resistance. Carbide can also be worked significantly faster than steel because it maintains its hardness even when moving at higher speeds. This means that each punch lasts longer, seeing you through extended production runs with reduced need for replacement.

Less Downtime

Fewer replacements aren’t just a good thing because you’ll need to purchase fewer form punches. With less time spent on maintenance, your facility’s machines will spend more time up and running, and your operators can spend more time producing a finished product. The higher initial investment in carbide form punches will be repaid over time with reduced production costs and better efficiency. You’ll also find that your carbide form punches deliver a higher-quality surface finish, which means that you’ll create a better product at a lower cost overall.

Endurance Carbide Can Help With All of Your Form Punch Needs

When you’re ready to make the switch from steel punches, Endurance Carbide has the manufacturing capabilities to satisfy your needs. Whether you require custom punches made to your proprietary specifications or choose our oblong, square, flat, offset, hex or ejector-style design, we’ll create punches down to a 0.010-point diameter for all your machining applications. Contact us online for more information or to place an order for a new carbide punch.