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Michigan Small Business Award
Michigan Small Business Award

Precision Industrial Carbide Wear Parts

Michigan Small Business Award

Michigan Celebrates Small Business Announces Award Winners to be Honored in Lansing.

Nearly 60 companies from across the state will be honored at the eleventh annual Michigan Celebrates Small at the Lansing Center in downtown Lansing.  Awards include the Michigan 50 Companies to Watch.

The Michigan 50 Companies to Watch Award, sponsored by Michigan Celebrates Small Business, honors growth-oriented businesses based on market expansion, job creation, technological innovation, and community impact.  Companies represent a wide variety of industries.  To be considered, companies must be privately held and headquartered in Michigan, have between six and 99 employees and generate between $750,000 to $50 million in annual revenue, or have working capital from investors or received grants in 2014.


We are much honored to receive this award. The recognition signifies the team’s dedication and hard work. Sharing ideas and thoughts to find solutions to become more efficient in what we do to obtain current company goals and beyond to remain competitive in the global markets.

Thank you, The Endurance Carbide Team.

Carbide Punches

Carbide Punches will increase productivity by reducing replacement tooling cost and downtime. Piercing, shaving, forming, extrusion punches and burnishers per print. Specials and standards from .030″ to 6″ in diameter.Using Steel? Unsure if carbide will work for your application?

Applications assistance is available.

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Carbide Dies

Carbide dies will increase productivity by reducing replacement tooling cost and downtime.Carbide extruding type dies can provide higher quality finished product in regard to dimensional satisfaction and surface finish requirements.

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Carbide Gages

Reversible Plug Gages – Single or double ended for size control of holes and other applications.Progressive Gages – Complete internal gage with GO & NO GO sections combined.Taperlock Gage – Designed for larger diameter gaging members. Size can be applied similar to reversible plug gages.Master Setting Disks – Master setting disks are used for setting various types of comparators, which are used for checking cylindrical work.

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Carbide Bushings

Press Fit Bushings – are made with or without heads. They are normally used when the bushing is not to be replaced during the life of the jig.Fixed Renewable Bushings – with “F” or “XF” locks should be used where several bushings are required during the life of the jig. They can be replaced without removing the fixture from the machine.Slip or Slip Fixed Renewable Bushings – These are selected for applications requiring several operations with the same machine.

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Excel Form Inserts

Special form inserts with unique configurations are able to perform multiple functions with a single plunge. You will benefit profitably by increased productivity with less down time and fewer tool changes.

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Form Punches

Endurance Carbide – Known throughout the world for our precision quality tungsten carbide round punches is proud to announce the product line expansion to now include form punches.Tungsten Carbide Oblongs, Square, Flat, Offset, Hex, Ejector Style, Blueprint specials for your specific needs.

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