Benefits of Using Carbide Punches

Jun 12, 2019 |


To extend the life of your tooling and improve the quality of your product, you need precision wear parts built to withstand the rigors of your metal stamping application. At Endurance Carbide, we manufacture all of our punches from tungsten carbide.


Carbide punches are extraordinarily strong.
As one of the hardest materials in existence, tungsten carbide is twice as as steel. As you can imagine, this makes carbide highly desirable in precision machining applications. It’s rigid, strong and resistant to wear, translating to greater control over the punch and fewer replacements.

Carbide punches have a surprisingly long lifespan.
Compared to steel, tungsten carbide lasts for a greater span of time. As a result, carbide punches need to be replaced less frequently than their steel counterparts. So while steel might seem like the most cost-effective choice, the need for constant replacements offsets any upfront savings and makes them the more expensive choice in the long run.
Carbide punches boost productivity.
Every time a replacement is needed, not only do your maintenance costs go up, but productivity takes a serious hit. In order to improve productivity – which equates to increased profits – you need reliable wear parts that can hold up to the demands of your precision machinery.​That’s where tungsten carbide punches come in. Because of their rigidity and unparalleled strength, wear parts made from carbide have a long lifespan, effectively minimizing downtime, and as a result, the time spent servicing your equipment.