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Endurance Carbide offers Gage Reconditioning Services

In addition to our new tungsten carbide gages, Endurance Carbide offers reconditioning services for our gages or competing tungsten carbide products. Simply submit your worn gages with instructions for the size, direction and tolerance class of your desired gages, and...

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How We’re Improving Our Processes

Endurance Carbide, has implemented a Process Improvement Team, the P.I.T Crew, to address quality and process improvement change head-on. Business can be a cruel environment. Adaptation is critical for survival. A business, no matter how long it’s been around, is...

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What You Should Expect from Endurance Carbide

At a minimum, our expectation is that our Industrial Precision Carbide parts will Outlast & Outperform our competitors. Be sure to think of us when you need: Bushings with a 4.00 outside diameter Dies to 4″ (depending on product shape) Ring Gages from 0.050 to...

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Benefits of Using Carbide Punches

  To extend the life of your tooling and improve the quality of your product, you need precision wear parts built to withstand the rigors of your metal stamping application. At Endurance Carbide, we manufacture all of our punches from tungsten carbide.  ...

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