The quality of your parts determines their cost on your bottom line, and we take that responsibility seriously. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality product. On time, every time.

​We invest in the continual improvement of our people and processes to meet applicable requirements and strive for World Class status in all we do.

Endurance Carbide takes painstaking efforts to ensure the delivery of quality products.

All orders are checked for accuracy when received and quality control checks are incorporated at various stages of order development, from order entry, all the way through shipment.

All of our gauges and gauging devices are routinely checked against certified masters in a controlled environment to ensure and maintain accuracy at all stages of manufacturing.

Final inspection of all parts takes place in a controlled environment and all gauging can be traced to NIST standards.
Each order, every part, and all of our associates are subject to the same strict quality control procedures.




Even though manufacturing excellence is our primary goal, we price our products to compete with manufacturers worldwide.

​As you explore our website we hope you are impressed by the quality and selection of the products we have to offer. But, our website can never be complete, as our specialty is non-standard tooling to your specifications. We are always eager to discuss new projects.

MAHR – Precimar ULM 300-E Calibration Measuring Equipment


Quality Comes First

To achieve customer satisfaction, the quality of our products and services must be our number one priority.

Customers are the focus of everything we do

Our work must be done with our customers in mind, providing better products and services than our competition.

Continuous improvement is essential to our success

We must strive for excellence in everything we do: in our products; in their safety and value; in our services; our human relations; our competitiveness and our profitability.

Associate involvement is our way of life

We are a team. We must treat each other with trust and respect.

Dealers and suppliers are our partners

Our company must maintain mutually beneficial relationships with dealers, suppliers, and our other business associates.

Integrity is never compromised

The conduct of our company worldwide must be pursued in a manner that is socially responsible and commands respect for its integrity and for its positive contributions to society. Our doors are open to men and women alike without discrimination and without regard to ethnic origin or personal beliefs.


If you ever have a question about quality, be sure contact us and let us know.