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Carbide Dies Made In America

Designed to minimize wear and increase productivity, Endurance Carbide’s tungsten carbide dies are an excellent choice for die sets that sees heavy use. Throughout our decades in the industry, we’ve refined our die creation formulas, and we’re proud to offer dies made of both solid tungsten carbide and tungsten carbide inserted into steel casings.

Why Choose Carbide Parts?

Until the mid-1900s, most precision wear parts were made of steel. Even today, steel parts are still in use due to their affordability, as tungsten carbide parts tend to cost more up front. The performance benefits that tungsten carbide dies have to offer, however, easily justify their price point.

The primary advantage of tungsten carbide is its strength. Endurance Carbide’s tungsten carbide dies, which are notable for offering more satisfactory performance than their steel counterparts, tend to last significantly longer, too – even in extreme conditions. Thanks to this durability, our tungsten carbide dies require replacement much less often than typical steel dies, which not only reduces overall maintenance costs, but lessens machine downtime as well.

Why Choose Endurance Carbide Dies?

Endurance Carbide has been constructing industrial wear parts from tungsten carbide since the early 1960s. When we manufacture our carbide dies, we carefully adhere to both industry standards and blueprint specifications. Once you’ve received your order of Endurance Carbide dies, you’ll have no problem using them where you once employed steel dies.

Tungsten Carbide Dies For Any Application

No matter your needs, Endurance Carbide delivers strong, long-lasting tungsten carbide dies that measure up to your high standards. Our offerings include extrusion dies, stamping dies and shaving dies. Additionally, we manufacture essential die equipment, carbide bushings, form inserts and die buttons. If you’re seeking to maximize your productivity, consider working Endurance Carbide tungsten carbide punches into the mix, too.

Whether you’re ready to place your order or would like to learn more about Endurance Carbide’s precision industrial carbide wear parts, be sure to contact us via online form or give us a call at (989) 777-7950.


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