How We’re Improving Our Processes

Oct 16, 2019 |

Endurance Carbide, has implemented a Process Improvement Team, the P.I.T Crew, to address quality and process improvement change head-on.

Business can be a cruel environment. Adaptation is critical for survival. A business, no matter how long it’s been around, is untenable to change. Whether it’s within culture, product, or processes, change is always lurking behind doors. And it’s better to just let it in than have it wait around.At Endurance Carbide, we’ve implemented a team to address change head-on. Our Process Improvement Team, the P.I.T Crew, comprises of production associates, and a plant and production manager. Together, this team tackles an array of topics covering our processes and how to improve and address any issues within them – from the company’s top to bottom.

When assembling the team, we didn’t exclusively reserve it to high-seniority positions. We wanted the P.I.T Crew to be as diversely robust as our company. By coalescing new associates with veterans of the company, the team possesses the capability of bringing something fresh to older processes.

The team meets once a month and addresses topics that are brought forward typically from a sales or production standpoint. Additionally, depending on the topic, other relevant team members will join the meeting to share their ideas.
One recent process addressed by the team is shipping and receiving. Through their deliberation, they looked at product protection and identification. They focused on how product can ship out and consistently arrive undamaged. This rendered a change in our containers.

Also during this review, the team unearthed a previously overlooked opportunity from a shipping standpoint – a chance to better market the company. The meeting resulted in new labeling on containers, along with an added logo etching on our products. Executing new marketing endeavors is vital for a company, as stale marketing efforts can leave a business behind. A poll from the National Small Business Association found that only 46 percent of respondents planned new advertising and marketing strategies last year.

To constantly address issues and processes from new angles, the P.I.T Crew will rotate team members year after year. This will also better provide everyone within the company a voice. Fresh eyes create a fresh company.

Many businesses may find themselves too quickly holding onto processes and solutions that generate even a modicum of success. They get caught in a vapid cycle while younger or new employees may sit on the sidelines with unheard ideas. Through the P.I.T Crew, we’ve taken notice of team members – of all ages and stations — bringing forth great ideas. Having the team puts value on all our employees.

P.I.T Crew is something we’ll continue as a company into the future as it better positions us to acquire new customers and recurring customers. We’ll never want to be a stagnant company. There’s always room for improvement and bigger successes.